Most years, the Stonington Shellfish Commission uses nearly two thirds of its yearly income from permits to purchase clams to restock the conditional shellfish beds. The clams are purchased from a large Connecticut seafood wholesaler, which harvests shellfish from central and western Long Island Sound and trucks them to the Noank Aquaculture Co-Op. In Noank, Co-Op and Commission members, and community volunteers load the clams on boats and take them to the shellfish beds for distribution. The restocking, which is carried out under a permit from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture/Bureau of Aquaculture, takes place in the late spring and early fall. In addition to providing clams for recreational harvesting, the restocking helps maintain a breeding stock in the conditional areas. On 26 October 2013, five boats and a dozen people took part in Stonington's Fall 2013 Clam Day.

Three boats

Scattering clams in Area A


         SHS Volunteer    A Noank Co_Op boat in Area A

Photos courtesy of Stonington Shellfish Warden Rob Russell (26 October 2013).