The season for the recreational harvesting of scallops in Stonington waters opens at sunrise on Saturday, October 8, 2022 and closes at sunset on March 31, 2023.

Under the provisions of Sections 26-257a and 26-292 of the State of Connecticut General Statutes, the Shellfish Commission of the Town of Stonington has adopted the following regulations concerning the taking of scallops in the waters of the Town of Stonington.

1.  No person shall take any scallops from Town waters without having first obtained a permit issued by the Shellfish Commission or by a vendor designated by the Shellfish Commission.

2.  The scallop season limits and fees will be publicly posted and advertised by the Shellfish Commission.  Senior citizens (65 and older) may receive permits at no charge.

3.  The daily limit for scalloping is one bushel per person.  If two or more persons are in boat, the daily limit is two bushels per boat and at least two persons must be carrying valid permits.

4.  Scalloping is permitted only between sunrise and sunset.

5.  The scalloping permit and catch must be immediately available for inspection upon demand by Shellfish Commission members or designated enforcement officers of the Town of Stonington or the State of Connecticut.

6.  No scallops shall be taken which can pass through a ring of 2-inch inside diameter and harvested scallops must have a growth ring.

7.  Scalloping may only be done from a drifting boat and only with an 8-inch diameter scoop net.  All other methods are illegal.

8.  No person shall return to the waters the shells or entrails of any scallop, nor any starfish.

9.  Any person who violates any scalloping regulation is subject to fine, or imprisonment, or both. The court may order that a permit not be issued for the remainder of the open season.